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About Us


Badgett Corporation was founded in 1922 to manufacture steam lubricators for the Petroleum Industry. In 1941, Badgett Corporation answered the call of duty and converted all machines to wartime production to support America’s troops in World War II. Then in 1948, Badgett Corporation joined ranks and has since been a major supplier of metal fittings to the Aerospace Industry. Badgett Corporation partnered to support NASA and provided components for all of the Apollo missions, including the Lunar Rover. Badgett’s has been to the moon and back!


Today Badgett Corporation serves and supports the Aerospace, Automotive, Petroleum, and general industries by providing precision machined products that meet each customer’s exacting requirements. The Badgett Team has a comprehensive understanding of each industry’s unique risks, needs, and expectations.


Badgett Corporation uses its multi-axis CNC, Swiss, or Screw Machines to provide precision-turned products made from Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Titanium, Brass and Inconel. Badgett Corporation has developed a supply chain which provides an uninterrupted supply of raw material and special process such as heat treatment, passivation, plating, and coatings.


Badgett Corporation has invested in state-of-the art production and inspection technologies that improve productivity, assure zero defects, and minimize nonvalue added activities.


The team at Badgett Corp has been a valuable partner to our operation for over 40 years. Always willing to actively participate, continuously improve operations and quality, as well as flexing to the demands of our business are hallmarks of the Badgett model. Everyone from the office to the shop floor is knowledgeable regarding our product line and is technically proficient. As you will see from a quick site visit, Badgett also constantly re-invests in their manufacturing and quality capabilities to stay relevant in the market. The Badgett team is my go-to machine shop in a pinch.

Lee Stanley - Strategic Procurement Manager - Aerospace